b 12/11/1989


Born in Guna, Madhya Pradesh, India. I spent most of my childhood watching cartoons and playing 8 bit video games. I, then, went to IIT Bombay to study Chemical Engineering. Exposure to arts & design in Mumbai and IDC, led me to start my experiments in stop-motion animation, photography and video. I started a 365 project which mainly had self-portraits. An interest in moving images got me enrolled in the Film and Video Communication programme at NID Ahmedabad where I discovered world cinema  and fell in love with the medium. Feeling limited with what the institution had to offer I choose to learn filmmaking by actually making one with my exchange student friend from Germany. COAL INDIA was born out of that which had its world premiere at IDFA. I moved back to Mumbai again and did two full time jobs where my primary role was setting up their studios from scratch, shooting for various brands and managing the entire shoot team's workflow. With enough expertise, I started freelancing with photography and video projects while immersing myself in cinema all over again. Eventually I said goodbye to the job life and focussed on writing my screenplays. Hopefully, you shall see something soon. I also enjoy playing poker, snooker and chess. I am a HSP & INFJ. 

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